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Matlock Angling Club is based in the Derbyshire Dales and provides its current 300 members with fishing of all types.

The Club has waters for both still water and river fishing. Fishing for trout is available and all legal methods may be used and the River Derwent has several good stretches for fly fishing for wild brown trout and grayling and the occasional wild or stocked rainbow trout ,the Derwent is noted for the extremely good Grayling fishing. 
In the last two years bigger coarse fish are being caught in the river and also the clubs ponds. these include good sized barbel chub brown and rainbow trout.

The club has an active match section with regular matches during the year. 

The angling club is now in its fourth year of its restocking plan for the River Derwent and its ponds, this is with help from the environment Agency using fish from their farm at Calverton. On the 26th November 2008 ,1500  Dace and Roach were stocked in the River Derwent at Snitterton /Cawdor which is to be followed by the stocking of further Barbel on these lengths, stocking of 3500 fish of 3-6 inches took place on the 9th of November 2007 at Matlock Bath ,and the fish stocked were Barbel ,Roach and Dace .The pond at Tansley  received 450 Tench and 150 Chub and the ponds at Cawdor 450 Tench this took place on the 28th November 2008.The small pond at Cawdor has had 100 Tench and 100 Crucian Carp  and 1500 Chub in the Derwent in December 2009 a further stocking of the large pond at Cawdor  in 2010 of 500 Bream and 100 Perch 150 Gudgeon and 150 Bream plus 700 Roach in the River Derwent in 2011 bringing the total of fish stocked to around 12,500 in the last three years.

Improvements to the pegs at Cawdor quarry ponds have been completed, along with the lanes and car parking, this involved the replacement of the old wooden platforms with new platforms to allow easy access and provide better and safer fishing platforms.The club has worked alongside the Environment Agency and English nature to carry out the above work.Pegs have been made on the Snitterton stretch of the River Derwent

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